Bonsai gardening requires daily care. In order to grow a beautiful bonsai tree you must daily care for it, paying close attention to its pruning and watering needs. You should check on your bonsai tree at least once a day to keep everything in order.

Proper watering is essential to a healthy bonsai tree. You should daily check to see if your plant has plenty of water in order for it to grow.

Depending on the type of bonsai tree you have, you should check for the season and temperatures it is ok in. There are some types of bonsai trees that can easily get damaged in cold weather and of course there are indoor and outdoor bonsai trees as well. Keeping it in its proper temperature and weather will depend on how long it lives.

Bonsai tree care is also an art, this means that the way you display your bonsai tree is very important. Make sure your bonsai tree is in a well lit area with natural sunlight and that it is displayed in order for others and yourself to appreciate its natural beauty.