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At Bonsai and Japan, we strive for customer satisfaction. This is why we offer a wide variety of products. We also have a large variety of pre-bonsai species and bonsai specimen.

Although we mostly focus on bonsai, we do offer many products that can be used in everyday gardening.


Patience is a virtue. Bonsai are not created overnight. They do, however, need your assistance daily. Nurturing a plant is much like having a child. Without the nourishment you provide, it will not grow. Without your guidance, they will not shape into your dreams. Take care of them and your feeling of accomplishment will make it all worth while. Though the journey is not short and you may stumble, the knowledge and self awareness gained will make it all worth while.

We would be more than happy to answer any maintenance questions of your plants. We have our own special mix of soil available. Different types of plants may benefit more from different additives. If you would like more information on what would be best suited for your plants, please e-mail us.

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